Meet Our Staff

Ray Jensen

Senior Pastor
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Ray Jensen is a lifetime resident of Alvin, Texas.  His family is his wife Anna, son Stevie Jensen and daughter-in-law Emma Jensen.  Ray gave his life to Jesus as Lord and Savior after God spiritually awakened him with the events of September 11, 2001, and then followed God’s call into ministry.

Ray focused his gifts into a local church in Pearland, Texas from 2006-2009.  There he taught singles and college-age bible study, and led a coffee shop bible study group.  As an intern at the church, he taught Sunday school classes, preached for the nearby Senior Citizens’ retirement home, and occasionally preached for the Senior Pastor whenever he was out of town.  Ray has served as a missionary to the Kuna Indians in the Rio Sidra Islands off the coast of Panama, and to Nigeria, Africa.

Ray began technical college in 1995, graduating with an Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering in 1997.  He began a career in radio communications in 1996.  He had always wanted to continue onward towards a bachelors degree, but The Lord closed all the doors and eliminated every opportunity.  But then after the September 11, 2001 attacks, God called Ray to ministry and opened up all the doors that had once been shut, for Ray to continue his education, not in technical studies, but in bible college.  Ray graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Christian Leadership from the College of Biblical Studies Houston in 2006, and then a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty University’s Theological Seminary in 2011.

In 2014, Ray left his career in radio communications to join Calvary Chapel Pearland as full time staff under Pastor Dov Schwarz.  Ray was later ordained as Senior Pastor in 2015 when Dov made Aliyah, moving to Israel.   In 2015, Ray traveled to Israel to participate in The Feast of Tabernacles, and also to minister with Jewish believers of Yeshua.  While in Israel, Ray  realized his love for the Jewish people, and captured the vision for The Aliyah Highway, a way to bless the Jews who will return to Israel according to Ezekiel 36.

Ray’s ministry objective is simply stated, “To take the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.”

John Peek

Associate Pastor

As a young boy, John could see something special in the Christian families in his neighborhood and knew that was exactly what he wanted in his family. Drawn in by the love of God, he became a believer in Jesus Christ at the age of 18. The Lord called him to use martial arts as a ministry to lead others to Christ. In 1999 he began a program he called “Kung Fu for Christ”. The focus was teaching Kung Fu to kids and adults in order to present the gospel and encourage them to grow in the Word of God by memorizing Bible verses.

In 2005 John’s ministry changed to reaching primarily adults when he changed from teaching Kung Fu to teaching the Israeli Self Defense System of Haganah. The ministry perspective continues, and focuses on sharing the gospel, growing others in Christ, and encouraging men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes.

God grew the vision he gave to John into Haganah Houston, Israeli Self Defense (www., a successful martial arts school, which is still a ministry first. Every class is opened and closed in prayer, and sometimes ends with John giving a short lesson that connects the physical training to the need for spiritual training. Christian mentorship and discipleship abounds in this atmosphere that feels more like family than a business. God has given John and his wife Joy a love for God’s chosen people, the Jews, and a love for Israel. Their ministry helps to support “Blessing Israeli Believers” and 9 other ministries that support believers in Jesus Christ who live in Israel and 7 ministries here in the U.S.A.

God called John and Joy to attend Calvary Chapel Beth Shalom, also called Calvary Chapel Pearland, in 2014, when it was planted, and in 2015 John was ordained as a minister of the gospel. John is currently an Assistant Minister at Calvary Chapel Pearland and is working toward becoming an Associate Pastor. His desire is to serve God and to give followers of Jesus the tools they need to live the life God has purposed for them, that they may have the abundant life promised to them and that they may glorify God.

John and Joy have 3 grown children, Alexandria, Annabelle, and Walter, as well as 3 grandchildren.

Andrew Bateman

Worship Minister

     Andrew received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 2009 following an extensive secular music career. A love for God’s word, coupled with his musical gifting culminated in a call to the worship ministry along with his wife Amanda. Several mission trips to Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and the DRC have served to kindle Andrew’s passion for worship. He’ll be the first to tell you that true worship begins not with a lively music set, but rather with a humble, contrite and submissive spirit of obedience and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ. His wife Amanda lends both her gifting of voice and her devotion for the Word with a particular passion for all things prophecy.

Dov Schwarz

Overseeing Director

Dov Schwarz was born to a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. His mother and father were divorced while he was a toddler. His mother was born again after she and Dov’s father were divorced. Dov made a profession of faith as a young boy, but as the time came to choose the world or the Lord Jesus, Dov chose the world. After many years and painful consequences of sinful living in the world–Jesus Christ saved Dov at the age of 32. God also put within Dov the undeniable desire to tell others of this great God and Savior! After years of Bible training in the church (Ephesians 4:11,12) Dov began his teaching ministry. Sagemont Church in Houston, TX recognized God’s call on his life and licensed him to the gospel ministry. Dov served as the Missions Pastor at a church in Pearland from June 2006-June 2013. He has served the Lord in many nations including Israel, different regions of the USA, Mexico, and eight African countries. Dov has close relationships with congregations, church planters, and pastors in many of these nations. He preaches the gospel along with leading discipleship conferences and visiting orphans and widows in their trouble in difficult regions. Since 2006 Dov has been praying about planting a congregation of disciples of Christ Jesus. It became obvious after just over five years of prayer that the Holy Spirit was leading him to plant a new work in the Western part of Pearland, TX. In his own words: “Praise our Lord Jesus for His great plans and purposes—may Calvary Chapel Beth Shalom give glory to our Father in heaven!”